Non replacement of Defective HDD

I had unluckily purchased 500 GB Ext Hard drive of WD in Aug 2009. It malfunction in Aug-Sep10, since then I have been trying **bleep** for their after sales service. and the response I got is worse than pathetic. First it took them more than a month for collection of the defective peice. That also the courier company came for collection after lots of phone calls to Intarvo Delhi. and from then onwards, it has been a wait for 3 long months and still i have not received any information from them. The worse part is the call center boys who answers calls are **bleep** rude, and their boss do not even pick up his phone when called directly. I feel the motto of WD service has been changed to- DONT RESPOND TO CUSTOMER REQUEST AND THEN YOU WILL HAVE LESS TROUBLE TO ATTEND" 

Hi there,

I strongly recommend you to contact WD via Email. They should be able to get this resolved for you.

Be sure to mention your RMA #.