WARRANTY SERVICE (RMA) does it exist?


I had a Green Power 500GB drive fail so I set up an RMA. However to my surprise the packing slip wanted me to mail it to Singapore. Not a cheap option when it has to be sent air-mail. Checking the WD web site I noticed that WD had a service centre in Bangkok and after e-mailing customer services they said it was OK to send it there. During this time another drive 750gb starting showing up faulty and customer services said I could pack that in the same box and they would add the serial number to the RMA  for me. Right after I mailed ithe package and sent the serial number of the 2nd drive they e-mailed me back saying sorry they couldn’t add the 2nd drive as their system wouldn’t allow it.

Even though I sent the disks EMS with the RMA clearly showing on the outside and the tracking showed up as having been delivered a week ago the WD system still shows that they are waiting for them.  E-mails to customer services since then have been totally ignored, no response beyond the automated replies.

What am I supposed to do?  So far  it seems their warranty service for Thailand is totally non-existent and customers services wont respond at all.  All I need to know is why the disks are not in the system  and if I can ever expect the faulty disks to be replaced.   Right now as I am plagued with a nasty cough I can’t phone the service centre (or phone anyone for that matter!) 

I just don’t know what do do next.  Is there anyone who has ever had any success getting a drive replaced in Thailand under warranty. Would appreciate any good ideas  what to do next.

RMA ia [Deleted]

robindg, have you been able to obtain additional assistance?


Hi there yes indeed - a couple of folks at WD have been very helpful and got things sorted out. last word I had  was that the replacement drives were on their way so a big thank you to everyone  for their help.

Just a follow on to say that things have been worked out. After quite a bit of back and forth with customer services and then 2 very helpful folks who got things sorted out the procedure to follow in THAILAND would  seem to be:

  1. I would suggest reregistering your drive on the WD site when you have purchased it (should do this anyway) this way the warranty will start when purchase date rather than an earlier date based on manufacturing or when the distributor registers it

  2. If the store where you purchased it is no longer in business or distance (as in my case) makes it impractical to get the store to handle the warranty then follow this procedure

  3. Do not use the RMA procedure on the web site. This will automatically generate the shipping address for the service centre in Singapore  (which sending by air-mail EMS would be  expensive)

  4. Pack drives carefully as per instructions and enclose a letter explaining problems and your return address)

  5. Send by EMS  to the Phantip Plaza address shown on the WD website. Allow up to 2 weeks or so turn-around.

  6. keep a note of the EMS tracking number and use Thailand Post tracking system to check it was delivered.

Because the service centre does not at present use the RMA system you wont get any acknowledgement or progress information as is the case with  other places. However they do have a phone number if needed.

Hopefully this information is correct (if not please let me know) but this does appear to be the procedure to use in THAILAND.    Hope this is helpful to other folk out there.

For other SE Asian  countries not listed under the RMA process or without a local service centre (i.e… such as Myanmar, Cambodia etc) I presume it would be necessary to ship to Singapore but check with customer services before raising an RMA 

Hope this helps to smooth the way in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

Thank you again to folks at WD for helping sort it out.

Footnote:  package with drives arrived safe & sound yesterday (Sat 20th August 2011)