Warranty replacement

in mid July 2021 I purchased a drive (Ultrastar DC HC310 6TB) directly from the WD store (Login | Western Digital US Site). I did that because I read that WD does not honor the 5-yera warranty if the drives are purchased via someone other than them. I paid $265.68

The drive was shipped and eventually arrived. When I un-packaged it, I notice a small tear in the internal packaging but it appeared very minor. When I went to format it the drive was totally dead.

I then followed the WD instructions on their support site and attached a copy of the order no (0006934907) and a copy of the order I placed with them, and the receipt from them. I did that 5 times. Each time their site said try again it could not finish the procedure. Finally the 6th time the site accepted it but said that the drive I bought received directly from WD, was an OEM drive and not warranted. I then called the 800-275-4932number and got routed to India. The call was on hold for several minutes, the someone came online listened to my data and put me on hold again. Eventually he came back and told me to call another number in San Jose Ca. At this moment I have been on a silent hold for 40 minutes. I am beginning to have some serious doubts as to the ethics of Western Digital. I will write to Mr. David Goeckler (the CEO) and see if I can get some resolution to this very mundane process that seems to be practiced to tire the customers until they simply give up.

I send to poland waranty service hdd 6TB i see tracn nr all ok but dont get new hdd Try to call poland any one take phone line buzzy write mail to support_uk@ , mail reject … Contact to online chat any time 1 ansfer syr wait need more time
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