RMA Issue with External HDD

I attempted to RMA an 6TB external drive I had purchased from Walmart since it wouldn’t power on and I didn’t have the receipt to exchange it. I then received this strange response:

Dear {Me},

Thank you for contacting Western Digital. Upon inspection of your returned product {Serial_Number} ({Product_Number}) it was determined that the product may have been altered and is not eligible for replacement under Western Digital’s limited warranty policy.

Per our warranty policy: “If upon inspection of your returned Product WD suspects fraud or deems such Product to be counterfeit, WD may, in its sole discretion, confiscate such Product or take such other actions as it deems necessary.”

Due to our warranty policy we cannot return this product to you. There is no warranty associated to this product and service will not be rendered. We recommend you contact your place of purchase for compensation. You may use this email letter to demonstrate Western Digital’s official view of the product you purchased from your vendor.

You may view our warranty policy at: http://support.wdc.com/warranty/policy.asp?custtype=end&lang=en


Western Digital Service and Support

I have responded to support via email but they simply re-state the “warranty policy” bit and aren’t able to provide me any further details. They claim I should seek a refund from the vendor, but how am I supposed to do that if I don’t have the actual product to return? I never opened the external’s case, which should be obvious to them, since they are in possession of it, so I’m not sure how it could have been altered.

Hello @6GlYzROwN5X,

I spoke with WD support and your support request has already been escalated and you are already in contact with WD support management. There was a discrepancy found with the product you returned indicating the product was tampered with and due to this a proof of purchase is required. I would suggest working with WD support management that is already working with you for any questions you have regarding this RMA.