Poor Customer Support from Western Digital

I had the most unpleasant experience when dealing with Western Digital for the RMA of my defective drive.  I paid for the WD Express Service but end up I have to make the hard disk delivery myself.  Upon receiving my replacement hard drive, I was told that it only come with 90 days warranty as opposed to the remainder of the original drive’s warranty period, which is stated in WD’s support website.  After much hassle, WD agrees to give me a 3 year warranty. Is WD trying to short-change me for poor quality product?

I finally had the time to test out my replacement drive and found that it is  defective upon first power up!  The label at the back reads “Recertified in Malaysia”, which means it is a reconditioned drive!  After all the hassle I’ve been through, no thanks to WD’s poor product quality, I was given a reconditioned drive.  Seems like I am being penalized for WD’s mistakes!  I requested for immediate replacement via email, but to date no reply from WD’s customer support.

Is there any way for me to escalate this case to get proper support?  All I want is just to get back a good working drive with sufficient warranty period, as promised by WD’s warranty policy.  Really appreciate all kind advice.  Thanks.

WD is not trying to short change your warranty time, look below, it explain why you got 90 days of warranty, as per WD, this is normal and they system will update the remaining time of your warranty automatically:


All of our RMA’s are done with recertified drives.  It states so in our RMA policies.  However, I do apologize for any lack of proper customer service. 

Bill_S wrote:

All of our RMA’s are done with recertified drives.  It states so in our RMA policies. 

That’s pretty much standard with just about every electronics company. I haven’t heard of a new product in an RMA from anyone for a number of years now…

:wink: I gotta disagree with the “Poor Customer Support” because I received a 500GB Passport that hit the crapper right away…I had no problem getting an RMA# and sent it back…what I received back…about 2 weeks later…was a 750GB…I can, in no way tell if it is refurbished or not…but an extra 250G’s was quite a nice surprise!!  Plus, don’t refurbished items carry the same warranty? My only issue is the software and installation of it…my Wireless Router has a usb storage manager and I installed it to that because I had a desktop…now that I have a laptop I want to install it there…but having issues with Win Vista Business picking it up…any ideas og the best way to go?  Thanx in advance for any help!