Assistance Absent

Or had the UNFORTUNO to request assistance for a WD Hardisk.
Never seen such a dilapidated warranty service as Western Digital.
It all starts on September 14, 2021 where I send a 14 tetra Hardisk under warranty via UPS, the days go by
and weeks everything is silent so I start making phone calls to the service center to be able to understand at what point my RMA is at first they said they had problems with RMAs, then they said they were waiting for the model in their warehouse, then I they said that my model was a discontinued problem, then they offered me a replacement model and told me if it was the same for me, just to get to the bottom of it I say ok so I solve the problem, after their offer of a replacement model it was 22 days without any feedback from them, or called for assistance to understand what happens and today I am told that there is a problem with electronic parts, I would like to understand the seriousness of this company is based on making fun of its customers …? making excuses From call centers…?
I am hoping for an intervention by some WD manager who understands my state of disappointment.
I look forward to concrete answers on the matter.

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Hi @Marcello99,

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you.

We have forwarded this concern to the respective team on a priority basis.

We will take as feedback, we will improve our service in upcoming days.

I’ve had the exact same problem. Sent in an RMA for a 12tb MyBook Duo in September. They received it September 15.
Haven’t been able to get a clear answer from them since.
Talked to dozens of “support” agents and they all say “ohh it will just be another day or two” or “we’ve escalated this to the concern team.” but nothing.
Been almost 4 months. The one time I got anything other than a scripted answer the agent said they didn’t have any replacement drives available. So I said ok, I understand, supply chain issues and what not, can you just send me back the drive I sent in? No answer.
Just completely ghosted.
I think they are taking customers’ RMAs and using them as replacements to send to other customers further up the list.