Poor customer service

I know it’s the holidays and I know there is a Covid crisis, but I have to complain about absolute abysmal Western Digital customer service.
On 15 November 2021, I ordered from the WD website a 8TB hard disk, a 1TB NVMe SSD with heatsink, and a 1TB NVMe SSD without heatsink. On 11/29, I requested an RMA and returned the 8TB drive and the NVMe SSD with heatsink. I kept the NVMe SSD without heatsink.
WD issued a refund for the 8TB hard disk only but evidently got confused on which NVMe SSD was included in the RMA. They currently have the NVMe SSD with heatsink but their system says they have the SSD without the heatsink.
I’ve been in a continuing dialog with at least 3 WD customer service reps (Stella S., Allan, and David A. and am getting nowhere. I get non-responsive replies to the effect, “If there is anything else we can do, give us a jingle…”, but so far they haven’t responded to the issue at hand.
My current position is if there is no refund of the $140 for the NVMe SSD with heatsink by today (12/29), I’ll challenge the overcharge with my credit card company and file a complaint with the BBB.
This is the second goat rope I’ve been in with WD. The first was they refused to register two 4TB Red drives bought from Best Buy. Their position was the drives must be remanufactured because the purchase price was so low. This was only resolved by a store manager writing a statement the drives were new. .
Has anyone else had similar situations?

Hi @tpfeffer,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

I have escalated this issue on a priority basis our respective team will contact you as soon as possible.

I purchased a my cloud on 19th December and a cording to UPS it has stayed at the Northampton depot since Christmas eve. I have contacted UPS. But also been trying to contact Western Digital but none of the numbers work and the number on the invoice no longer works. I am very disappointed with the lack of ability to talk to someone afterspending a lot of money

same here no respond from concern team full of scam call center as well as concern team
almost like 30days my product stuck as well never again in my life buy wd