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I know this doesn’t really belong here but I’m not getting a response to questions otherwise.  Since all four of the 1 TB WD10EACS Caviar Green drives I bought earlier this year have started clicking and make any system they’re in crawl everytime I access one I wanted to return them for replacement.  Somehow two of the drives appear as out of warranty.  That seemed like it should be an easy fix - send a copy of my receipt to support to show when I bought the drives.  Well I’ve done that twice with no reponse at all.  That includes several updates after each attempt, hoping to trigger someone to actually look at the emails!  But nothing.

Since I need these drives replaced I’ve got to get the warranty periods corrected just so I can go through the next step of getting them returned.  So somebody in this forum from WD PLEASE get someone to check up on my support requests!!!

My suggestion is to call the support center for your region. Last time I had something like this done I needed to fax in a copy of my receipt and had the warranty updated within a few hours.

I wanted to avoid sitting on the phone, that’s why I did this online.  I liked that fact that I could do it that way because then I can take care of it when I have the time.  I REALLY can’t believe that no one will look at the e-mails I sent!  The first was on 12/03 with updates on 12/09 and 12/11.  The second was 12/14 with an update on 12/17.  Its now 12/22. 

I’m continuing this thread since I see its getting some views from other users on the forum. 

If a product is good it takes REALLY bad service for me not to stick with it.  I normally wouldn’t give up on a brand because of a slow response or some other bad customer service issue.  But, considering all four drives aren’t working correctly AND no one is responding to a simple request when I’ve provided all the required information isn’t good.  I’ve always bought Seagate drives in the past and maybe I should go back to that practice since five e-mails AND a forum post don’t prompt any action.

Hi lastmile,

You need to contact Western Digital directly for help with your issue. These are user-to-user support forums and not the correct venue to receive support from WD.


To Contact WD for Technical Support




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OK somebody did something because the warranties are updated!  THANK YOU.

Wonderful…  Got my replacement drives and while the seem to work OK they still click and drive me crazy.  When mounted in a firewire case I get click, click, CLICK about every 30 seconds - even when not using the drives.  OK, don’t panic just send a note in to support to figure out how to fix this, after all they can’t ALL be screwed up there must be a solution…  Now I’m waiting, 3 business days in and no response yet…