Replace HDD Fail on Raid 5 ( 3 HDD - 1 TB )

Dear All !

I have 4 HDD/ 1TB on Share Space. But it just run Raid 5 for 3 HDD 1,3,4. HHD 2  is Unassigned as below


Now HHD 4 has been Failed. So can I replace HHD 2 to HDD 4 ? Do i need to backup the configuration ?

Not required

the RAID configuration will rebuild once the replacement drive has been installed

make sure to only remove the defective unit

If you want to save the configuration as safety precaution you can do it. However, is not mandatory 

Dear Wizer !

I have already Replace the Fail Disk , but after reboot, the status of ShareSpace display like below with " Datavolume doesn’t exist " and  " Unassinged ’

The Raid 5 is fail too.

Could you give me some advices about this ?



Seems that the Raid rebuild process was not done

Did you contacted support about this?