ShareSpace 4TB - Replacement drive compatibility question

Hi there

I recently had a drive fail in my 4TB ShareSpace (Raid 5 over 4 1TB disks) (Firmware: 2.3.01)

The drive that failed was a “WD10EAVS-00D7B1” (Serial: [Deleted] ) - however, I can’t find this same disk in any retailer - I dont think it’s made any more?

The closest that i can find is the WD10EZRX - can anyone confirm if this will re-sync OK?

The RAID 5 volume is still online but is in a degraded state, i’m anxious to get this disk replaced as soon as possible and to keep all the data on the volume - so a disk that will re-sync without any problems is vital.

Please advise.




I really sorry to hear that you have a failed drive.

If you were using the drive on a RAID 5, My recommendation is to keep looking for the same type of unit at least with the same model number.

I’ve tried to find the same model (WD10EAVS) but I can’t find one anywhere (in the UK) - there are some on eBay for extortionate prices (£150+)

Assuming I don’t find one I might just buy 4 new drives - if so, is there an approved list of drives for the WD Sharespace? Especially in the larger 2TB+ drives?