WD Sharespace drive compatibility

Hi, I have a 4-TB (4-  1 TB drives) sharespace, I am wondering on compatibility in the future if one drive dies and WD doesn’t make a 1 TB anymore?  or should I stockpile some drives (if so, which ones)?? Wondering if anyone has future proofed their sharespace NAS.

What makes you think 1TB drives will go out of production any time soon?

Interesting that you have a 4TB sharespace that has four 1TB instead of two 2 TB’s

I actually own 4-bay sharespace that has just had this very issue. Running 4 x 1TB drives in RAID5

I lost a drive the other day and have been advised they no longer make compatible 1TB drive (compatible with remaining drives)

Still under the 3 year warranty - have been told to back up my data - complete RMA process & they will replace all 4 drives!!!

So - providing you have your warranty & the drive is one of the originals (not 4bay system you bought with 2 drives & “filled” at home) - you should be sorted - unless you don’t have anything big enough to back up your data.

My unit comes out of warranty later this year - so good timing for a fail - if there ever is a good time…