Repairing broken firewire port on external drive

Hello, I run a small computer repair business in my town and I currently am working on 3 drives for a customer. I took care of two of them which had different issues than the one I am currently stuck on. The drive was dropped in it’s casing by my client and the fire wire port on the mini board that is attached to the main board of the drive has come off. It looks to be in good shape and I should be able to solder back on but my problem is that I haven’t had much experience with soldering or working on external drives. My question to you is how would I go about this situation? I would solder the port inside the outlined area correct? Match up the pins and make sure they touch the board and it should be good to go? Any help is appreciated!


Have you tried take a look of one of the other drives that you have to see the way that the pins goes?

I Haven’t open my drive since I dont want to loose my warranty so not sure the way it goes.