USB PORT came out of PCB

Hello Everyone,

Need advice, will soldering help ?

My 2TB external hard disk drive USB connector has comeout of its child PCB, not sure how to fix this

Please see the attached image carefully. Please let me know your views .

Rohith M P


I haven’t experience this case. Let’s see if any of the drive can share some information about it.

Hi there,

I took a bare PCB having USB port (from amazon website) and soldered the wires to WD’s PCB board
checked for continuity using multi meter after soldering.
Everything looked fine connection wise.

When powered on and connected to computer “WINDOWS DID NOT DETECT THE DRIVE” , I got "CODE 43" error.

How to resolve this CODE 43 error? I searched internet for solutions but none of them worked.

Looking for support

Rohith M P