WDBU6Y0020BBK-01 clicking, suspecting PCB board failure from small (looks like) burning marks. What are my options?


My WD portable 2TB drive WDBU6Y0020BBK-01 started to make clicking sound (no drops, no physical stress what so ever). Last evening it worked perfectly, shut down the computer and in the morning when I started PC it made clicking sound.Computer doesn’t recognize the drive. It sees the drive, but it’s not initialized.

I inspected the PCB with magnifying class and noticed marks, which to me seems like soft burning marks and I think that PCB is fried. As I looked through the web I found information that PCB repIacement isn’t going to be enough and ROM info should be transfered as well. As I understood then ROM info is unique to my drive.

So, even if I manage to get the exact and identical PCB board, do I still need to transfer the ROM info?
Please comment and confirm if this is really true. Any advise how should I proceed, is highly appreciated.
PCB board has lot of numbers and I would like to know which parts needs to be identical and if there’s some variations that would also work with by drive?
What is the best possible place to get the new PCB, can they be ordered from WD or reseller, or ebay is the only place?
I found there were some kits for ROM info clone/transfer, but do they really work?

If additional information from my side is needed, just say and I will add it.

with best regards,

WD does not provide or sell PCB or circuit board replacements. An online retailer would indeed be your best bet, but firmware differences still need to be considered. I have not seen a well-documented successful attempt within the WD Community.