My Passport DATA recovery

Re: WD My Passport 500GB, P/N WDBKXH5000ABK-03
Drive spins-up, then immediately shuts down and has a noticeable click.
Computer cannot recognize/read the USB 3.0 device.

WD Support can do an exact replacement of the defective unit, but cannot replace the suspected printed circuit board. What are my Data Recovery options ??

WD Support told me that the two Printed Circuit Boards can be swapped and I would need instructions on how that is done correctly. Any HELP would be appreciated ASAP.

I did find this visual on how to remove the plastic case:




Since you need to recover the data on the drive I recommend you contact a data recovery company. Attempting to recover the data without the proper knowledge may cause even more damage to the drive and then making the data irrecoverable

Wess, swapping a PCB on a clicking hard drive is not going to help you solve your problem. Your probably have damaged heads in the drive, but without proper diagnostics it is hard to say what exactly is wrong with your drive at this point. Here is a video demonstrating data recovery procedure on a 1TB WD My Passport hard drive