Faulty PCB of my WD 1TB HDD

I have WD 1TB External Hard Drive and it has been faulty. The problem is in spindle drive. Now I want to change the PCB only, Should I have to replace the same PCB Number like WD 2060-701640-002. Should I replace the PCB with the same matching number or any PCB of WD 1TB?? Please reply if any one have knowledge in this regard…

Hello there,

Is the product under warranty? If so remember that manipulating the PCB will void it…

Actually that part has been burnt and WD says it is not under the warranty due to burnt case. Therefore I need to replace the PCB at all, but do not know about the numbering system. i.e. Should I match the PCB version in order to recover my data or any PCB of WD 1TB is capable? Please suggest. Thanks for your reply

See if this helps http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839


I have only done this once and I used identical hard drives. You are in the deep end of the pool, my friend.

Match the  board number  which is etched on the PCB. The number is printed on the PCB’s back side (the side without chips) .

You can find a donor PCB  on: HDDZone.com

I got 2060-771824-006 board from some of my freind, Is it compitible with my Board??

In most cases, you should exchange the BIOS/Main Controller IC before you swap hard drive PCB, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your HDD.

Yes, I will change the BIIOS but PCB is different number.

Check this guide:  hddzone.com/seagate_pcb_swap_replacement_guide.html

I have gone through this but my question is that, Is it possible to replace a different PCB (Not matching with my faulty board) with BIOS replace? Whether it will work or not.