USB port dislodged from 1.5 TB external WD hardrive

Noticed that the USB port became dislodged from the external WD 1.5 TB hard drive.  It’s the USB port and a piece of aluminum that’s bent in a stretched S shape. Looks like it was soldered to the board but I can’t figure out if it connected inside or outside the drive.

Any chance of repair solutions?

Good luck with getting ANY support from WD. This same thing happened to me with my 1TB. I wrote to WD who said they sell no parts. The drivve is still in warranty - well was until I took it apart to put it in an enclosure. I used this drive very infrequently and the USB connector came off the board. I found it on the floor and put it in the bag with the drive. unfortunately, it fell out somewhere between there and getting it to my brother tio fix. I bought an enclosure to replace the junk WD one. Well the driver installed and my laptop does see a USB connection BUT the drive does not appear in the Windows Explorer window. I have archived files that I absolutely MUST have but cannot access the drive. updated the SES driver but still no good.


You can try taking it to an electronics repair place and see if they can solder on a new USB port. The other option is to try and find an identical one on Ebay and see if it works. If these are drives that came with Smartware you need the circuit board because the data is hardware encryoted.


I was told by WD that it’s a simple case of having the port soldered on at any local computer store.  Will see if it works.

Any other suggestions?  I think if even if it’s out of warranty an issue like this should be hndled by WD as it’s a manufacturer’s issue.  Obviously a common problem and it makes me not want to purchase nor endorse WD products.