Renaming and ordering files


I’ve not had this problem before. I transferred some ,mp4 files to a hard drive and renamed them so they were all in order ready to watch

ie name of show, season, episode number, episode name

Looks fine when the hard drive is plugged into laptop but on the WDTV player just the name of the show is showing up … so I don’t know which episode is next.

Weird thing is it’s not on every file … but most of them. What am I doing wrong ?

Maybe the mp4’s have embedded metadata ?   (ie. even if you change the name … the WDTV will read the metadata tag inside the mp4 and display that.

The only way to confirm … try mp3tag  (which supports mp4 video tagging)

eg.  looking at a few movies of mine … none of them are tagged (in the “Title”)

(except one … Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn.mp4 which on the WDTV will display Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn (2012)


Thank you for your advice. I’ve been messing with this all afternoon.

It’s the files with something in the columns tag and title that are giving me the problems.

I’ve tried to remove the tags but it still says MP4 (MP4) in the column. I’m clearly doing something wrong … I’m sure it’s something really simple but as I’m going round and round in circles I thought I’d post for a nudge in the right direction …

If you’re mp4’s have tag data under the “Title”  (as seen in the above pic)

Then on the left delete the “Title”  (del or back space) then click    File > Save Tag

This will take a while depending on the file size of your video (as mp3tag must re-save your file without the tag data)