MP4 videos now identified and playing as music audio only files

My WDTV is connected to a router with a network attached storage.
For some reason, the mp4 videos now play, but as audio. The WD TV shows the “music” icon instead of video icon, despite having played the mp4s successfully in the past.

Any idea what is going on or how to tell the WD TV that these are video files and not audio?



Have you tried resetting the unit?

Is this happening with all the MP4 files?

Rename the file with an m4v extension.

Thanks Gents,
The renaming solution isn’t what I’m looking for - WDTV was playing them fine in the past.
I have found the solution though - it was a setting on my media player PC and router, which assumed mp4s were audio only. That has been fixed and the issue was not in fact the WDTV!
Great product. Thanks for the replies!