Removed WD Smartware software....but can't find where all my files are

My book essentials was tying up 80% of my CPU, and bogging down my system.  I was reading that others where having the same problem, and they removed the software, and just plug it in, send the info, and un-plug.  So I removed the software, and then plugged my external hard drive back into my computer to make sure I can still retrieve all the information on it, and sent some new stuff as well.  But when I go into my computer and pick the WD Smartware (E-drive), I can’t find anything.  But then I go to F-drive, and I find the new stuff I just sent.  Just worried this isn’t going to properly store all my info, and I’ll lose some.  This hard drive has been a pain to deal with.  I have thousand’s of music files, and 5+ yrs of videos & pictures (of my babies) I can’t lose!

When you connect your My Book to Your PC, you will get two icons, one for the My Book internal HDD (that sounds like your F-drive) and the Virtual Disk that will have the Smartware installation (that sound like your E-drive), you can only save your files to the E-drive.

I will like to tell you that you should see your information saved on your external hard drive doing the following steps (That’s the way to find your information if you use Smartware Software):

1- Identify which is your external hard drive (* It should say My Book on the Computer window)

2- Double click the drive that belongs to your external drive.

3- Now inside the external drive (If you perform a good backup) you should see a folder call WDSMARTWARE.SWSTOR double click on it.

4- Over there you will see a folder with your pc name or the name of the pc that backed up, double click on that folder

5- Now you should see a folder called “VOLUME” double click on it

6- After the double click,  you will see many folders, now over there you will might find that folders… Documents and Settings folder or Users folder.

7- You will double click on one of that folders on bold that i mention before and surf on it… For sure you will find all the information.

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