Cant find Data on My Book Essential 1TB plus other problems!

Hi All

I have a WD My Book Essential 1TB and am having trouble finding the data that has been backed up to it.

When i go to the drive letter and browse i cant find teh data?

There are lots of folders but nothing in them???

The drive properties says there is over 200GB of data but i cant find it!!

Please help.

The second problem i have is that i cant seem to update the firm ware either.

I want to remove all the smart ware and use the drive like a regular external hard drive to drag and drop items to and from it.

When i run the update software it just runs and runs and never finishes. At the same time the drive dissapears from explorer and seems to shut its self down. The only way to see the drive again is to cycle the power and it shows up.

PLease advise as i have lots of important data on there here that i do not want to loose.

Thanks in advance


I believe the SmartWare backup stores the data in a different format so that you would not just be able to browse to it and open the files.

Whether SmartWare’s running or not, you should just be able to use the drive normally.  I write to mine from applications, just like it’s any other drive, without putting the data onto it through SmartWare.

You can uninstall SmartWare from your computer, but you can not remove it from the drive.

Try this you you get the Smnartware cleaned off your drive  You can search the backup with this. I use the newer paid version.


Thanks for the answer

So you mean that without using the restore function of the software i ccant access the data directly from explorer?

Thats not much use!

I guess i will have to retrieve everything using the restore feature then remove or disable the WD software and reload it to the drive so it can be accessed from other computers.

Its a shame i didnt realise it actualy changed teh format of teh files in this way.

I probably wouldnt have bought it if i had known.