Question Regarding WD SmartWare/My Book Essential

Hi, just registered in order to hopefully clear a doubt that’s been eating me for quite a while now…

I’ve been using My Book Essential for quite a while now, but so far I pretty much use it simply to store files in order to free some space from my harddrive. My question is: will I lose, or simply put, will anything happen to the files I currently have sroted if I uninstall WD SmartWare?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

PS: Nice a spell checker.

I don’t know about the Smartware I don’t use it but never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.


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Well, that’s certainly obvious, quite irrelevand, and not the answer to my question. Hopefully someone else could shed some light.

Nothing will happen to the files unless you format the drive.

Remeber smartware is just the program used to back the files up It is a program installed on the computer and not the drive when you unistall the software you just wont be able to retreive the files unless you install the software to retreive them. Its as simple as that:)

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Well a lot of people transfer inportant stuff to their external to free up space. Then something happens to the drive and they are here crying. One copy is not a backup.