*Thought* I'd saved my files, but

I’m very confused on how to properly use my drive, but I Really need to save my music & photos. When I 1st got my Passport, I installed it & everything indicated to me that my files were being saved. I saw the file numbers growing, so I assumed all was well. I can’t find a single one now.

But before I do anything, is there a way to tell if they’re “hidden” somewhere on the drive?

Can someone please walk me through the process step by step? I’d hate to lose All my files.


If you used Smartware to backup your files, you should be able to see a folder with the name smartware.swstor, inside this folder you will see your files. Follow the steps from the link below when you want to retrieve the files using Smartware. 

How to retrieve a backup using WD SmartWare Version 1.6.x and earlier

It looks like My Book Essential has backed up all my documents and music, but when I go in and check in retrieve files there are only some files there. I thought some may be hidden so I retrieved a folder which I know should have ten folders within it. I sent it to a retrieved folder on my PC to see if everything was there. The folder I retrieved only had two sub folders in it instead of 10. My book is only backing up some files but not others. I want it to back up everything. Am I doing something wrong?