I am having the following problem.
When I install the application without problems I start session asks me to accept the security certificate and that I do, but immediately the program returns me to ask and so infinitely. I am running windows 10.
Any idea what could it be?

What is “”? What “application” are you installing?

See the My Cloud User Manual ( or see the My Cloud Learning Center ( for more information on how to configure the My Cloud for remote access and how to access a remote My Cloud including the official WD apps/software used for remote access. Or one can use the web portal ( for remote access to their My Cloud device.

For local network access to a My Cloud one can use Windows File Manager or Mac Finder. The My Cloud User Manual has more information on how to access a My Cloud on the local network.

keep forwarding me to remotewd and can’t connect to my mapped drives or nad directly :frowning: