Remote access

Hi, have my EX4 running nicley but was wondering if it can be accessed outside of the local network… and If so how?

Im not much of a tech head but i can follow instructions well… 


Yes, it can be accessed from outside the network.

Try searching on these boards…boards for My Cloud EX2 and EX4 (they use similar firmware so the process will be same). This question has been asked several times before. Also, have you looked at the manual? It discusses in there how to setup remote access via a mobile app.

you can use wd mycloud app to access files from outside the network  the desktop version may be blocked by your work if you try to access it there. As for the dashboard best of luck getting that to work and from my experience its not worth the trouble  

As a mildly heavy nas user i advise you to return it and head to another company. this product has major issues and i have made up my mind that the new DS415+ play by synology will be replacing my ex4 come September 

sxc7885 - On my future NAS wishlist is the QNAP TS-451, which came out just weeks ago. And I am even more interested in and waiting for the expected anouncement of the QNAP TS-453 in August. Here is one reason why you might want to reconsider your choice of DS415+play ->

Ken_Masterz - I kinda agree with sxc7885’s point that the EX4 NAS has issues (I don’t own one but I have the very similar but 2-bay EX2). If you are not very technical, then a WD NAS will probably leave you a bit frustrated with some issues - but some things work quite well. But one of the most common issues that I see from people on these forums about access from outside isn’t fully WD NAS’ fault, but rather lack of tech knowledge from users trying to do things like port forwarding, etc. and doing a lot of clueless groping in the dark.

For the tech-averse perhaps the more pricier Synology and QNAP NASes are better - but keep in mind two things. 1) They are way more pricier AND 2) They have issues too. Just visit Synology’s or QNAP’s forums and you’ll see. But often it’s also an expectation issue from users who buy a NAS seeing the slick marketing from WD thinking they’ll immediately get a Google Drive-like device that they can access from outside, only to find it’s not that sophisticated nor as intuitive in a few things. I guess there’s no better way to say it…for a NAS you DO need a decent amount of tech skills to jump over some of the hoops…be it a WD NAS or a Synology or QNAP NAS. It’s just those pricier ones offer a more comprehensive and little more user-friendly suite of NAS features.

Thanks for the info. I actually just got my new Synology DS414 in the mail. I skipped the 415+Play because I don’t care for transcoding since I already run my videos through handbrake to ensure they are mp4. 

Best of luck to all the EX4 users and this will probably be one of the last post since I am giving the EX4 to someone else to deal with. 

give it to me :stuck_out_tongue:

ok good luck with you new NAS