Remote Access - WD My Cloud

Forgive me if this has been answered before.

I am OCD to the nth degree. I currently use a WD MyCloud at the church where i am on staff, and one at home. I want to have both of them mapped or whatever you call it in finder so that I can easily manipulate files. They are meant to be two seperate entities though. How can i do that? Additionally, can i have both of them in my WD Access/Sync app? Thanks. PS While i love the app, i prefer finder.

I would suggest you start by reading the WD My Cloud User Manual. It explains how to map drives and do both local and remote access. See this link for how to map a drive on a Windows PC, and this link for how to map a drive on a Mac.

One can no longer “map” a remote drive through the web interface. One can continue to use the WD MY Cloud Desktop program to remotely access a My Cloud or use the website portal for desktop remote access. For mobile devices there are both iOS and Android WD apps that allow remote and local access to the WD My Cloud.

Feel free to voice your displeasure at the lack of remote mapping through the portal in the following thread.

I tried that, but I’m a total NOOB, lol. So what you’re saying, is that you have to utilize the apps?

You use either the portal or one of the WD mobile apps or WD My Cloud Desktop software to remote access the My Cloud. There is also the option to use FTP but most will use the WD apps or software for remote access.

Well that’s just lame lol.

Do you need to access both of them at the same time? Or can you cope with just having local access?

If the latter, then map both of them into your file system, giving each a different name. I’d hope that iOS would be as sensible as windows, and simply connect to the drive it can find, but tell you it can’t find the other.

But I can imagine iOS might do something ‘helpful’, like deleting all references to drives it can’t find…

For remote access, yes it is lame. For those who previously relied on the remote mapping option with the website before WD revamped it, they woke up to a rude shock that the remote mapping was removed. Don’t recall if WD ever warned people ahead of time that the remote mapping was going to be removed so people could find and setup a workaround (private VPN for example).

If one needs remote mapping then look into setting up a private VPN. There are various methods of doing so. OpenVPN Client/Server is one such method. Some consumer routers or third party router firmware have integrated VPN server support or integrate a OpenVPN server within the router/firmware.

well both would be optimal. but the rest of what you said was greek to me lol.

the old app it is for me lol.

See p23 of the user manual for advice on mapping drives.

The rest is worth reading, too…