Remote access for new users not working (web access)

I have existing remote access via the web and it works fine, i can see all the shared files etc and download them. The problem is when i set up new remote access accounts none work, i can logon the web ok, the mycloud drive appears online and shows the capacity etc BUT none of the shared folders i have configured for those accounts appear, i just get the circle spinning around and eventually a message ‘your cloud cant be accessed’ .
I have checked remote read/write access settings on each folder, changed passwords, deleted accounts and reset up, rebooted my mycloud, turned remote access off/on. And after all i can actually access mycloud remotely via the web or app via my existing account so its not an issue with port forwarding or remote access actually being down.

any ideas>

What My Cloud device do you have? Is it the single bay/single drive ?

If it is and you create a share for someone else why are you creating folders for them?

Yes it’s the single drive. I not creating folders, didn’t say I was, I am sharing existing folders. All looks fine on the admin GUI side.

This KBA may apply