My Cloud troubles

Hi, I’m new to using a My Cloud. I bought it second hand, supposedly factory refurbished. I’m having a huge amount of trouble getting it going. When I try to register it the site says it’s already registered. I download cloud access but then it accepts a password on line, but when I try to use it it says incorrect password or email. The email is correct because I’ve had an email from them about a problem so that works. What I got from them was an acknowledgement of a problem and a request to send a log file. I’ve done this but have heard nothing back since.
I’ve tried a full factory reset and started again but am still getting the same troubles. I can see the dashboard but don’t seem to be able to load stuff onto the drive or retrieve anything. At wits end.

First, if you haven’t done so already download and read the My Cloud User Manual ( It explains the various features of the My Cloud and how to use/configure them. This includes how to create Users, Shares and enable Remote Access.

Generally for local access to the My Cloud from computers on the same local network you would use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy files to or from the My Cloud. It is generally a good idea to"map" Shares to your local computer for easier access.

In order to access the My Cloud remotely you first must enable Remote Access through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Cloud Access. Then enable Users to have remote access through the Dashboard > Cloud Access tab. Then the user would follow the email link to create a separate web portal account. For more information on using see the My Cloud Learning Center (

Thanks for the info. I’ve got the manual downloaded and tried to follow
the simple instructions but things don’t go as the manual says.I’ve got a My Cloud account, signed in and it then says connecting,
but nothing happens it just keeps saying connecting. I know that the
drive is on the network because I can see it on the computer. I click
on the icon and I get what I assume is the dashboard, it shows, among
other things, drive healthy, firmware up to date and 2TB free. (it is
a 2TB drive).
Stop press, I can upload from my mobile! Why won’t my computer connect
through My Cloud when I sign in?Hope you can help,
Cheers, Bob

When you get the screen that says “connecting” are you using the web browser to connect to the My Cloud Dashboard (http://wdmycloud or http://wdmycloud.local) or are you using the web browser to connect to the ( web portal?

On your web browser, as a troubleshooting step, disable any add-on’s or extensions. Some, such as ad blockers or script blockers may interfear with the loading of the My Cloud web portal and Dashboard web pages. And try using a different web browser as an additional troubleshooting step.

I’ve dissabled the add ons from Chrome. I’ve tried connecting with and
without Chrome and get the same results. BTW Microsoft Edge is not
supported by WD, or so the message says when I tried using Edge.Still playing! Hopefully my son will come tomorrow and have a fidle,
he’s a lot more tech savvy than me (of course). I sometimes think I
should hire myself out as a software tester because if I can’t make it
fail no one will.Bob

You can try installing Firefox (

Currently Chrome (Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10) works for me when accessing the My Cloud Dashboard and the web portal. The web portal access however does take a minute or so to load since its accessing a remote My Cloud unit.

Thanks for assistance, my son has now rescued my position with this
device, and shown me how to use it.Once again, thanks,