Release 1.02.06 MKV - Not working

Release 1.02.06 (1/4/2010)

  • Updated Mionet client version to to support WD Photos photos viewer app.
  • Updated TwonkyMedia Server version 5.1.9 to fix MKV compatibility issue.


I just upgraded to 1.02.06.  But it still says “Unsupported Data” on all MKV files. 

Am I missing anything?

Try resting your unit because the update says

Updated TwonkyMedia Server version 5.1.9 to fix MKV compatibility issue


What do you mean by resting the unit?

I use Playstation 3 and I have restarted PS3 multiple times. Also haverestarted the media server also. Yet no luck !

Any help will be highly appreciated.


You are in the mybook section of the forum. I thought you had a my book sorry I dont know anything about PS3 except how to play GOD of WAR :slight_smile:

too funny :angry:

I have WD World Book edition II  2 TB NAS.   I have lots of MKV files in this drive and I want to play this in PS3. But the media server in WD drive says “Unsupported Data”.

Latest upgrade says it can play MKV files but looks like its not the case !!!

It’s the PS3 that doesn’t support mkv files. No amount if updates to the WD Mybookworld will fix that. There is some software called MKV2VOB which can convert mkv’s to play on a PS3.

I thought WD Media Server will stream the content to PS3. Is it not? then what is the meaning of Media Server?


the problem is the media server.

Here a hack, where they install twonky sever version 6 and then it works.

Is it not possible, that wd can add them to the normal upgrad?

Just so you all are clear on this, you can’t reuse the 5.1 license for Twonky 6.0 without having to pay for it.  The only reason we can allow these threads is simply because ugrading to Twonky 6.0, yourself, will require you to buy a license.  Everyone needs to keep in mind that promoting violating copyrights or licenses is an illegal activity.  And it’s stated as such in our Usage Guidelines that we won’t allow it.  So, please, keep the topics legal. 

I read the thread from the other forum, and those users ended up having to purchase Twonky 6.0 in order to continue using it after the 30 day trial period.

Usage Guidelines

The problem is, that twonkey6 works. I will not add tthem my self, but I want, that wd add this.

Is this not possible?

Other media servers can play mkv.

Or must I buy a other mediaserver and tell to frinds and clients of me, wd is not good?

I have been having the same problem. My unit is brand new, bought with the purpose of using it to stream my .mkv and it simply does not work!

Does anyone from WD support have something to say here?

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