Reformating a my cloud home hard drive

Watched YouTube and was able to remove the hard drive and replace it with something smaller. I am brand new to a external storage on a router so thought I would start with something smaller. I created a new problem which I should of thought of before but then I didn’t know about the partitions in the MY CLOUD HOME drive. So how or what do I use to format the smaller drive to use in MY CLOUD and format the other drive to use as a normal hard drive ???

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My Cloud Home is a personal network cloud storage device and no need to create partitions. You can just plug it into your Wi-Fi router and go to visit to set up your account, start backing up, accessing and sharing. You can connect USB flash drive or external USB drives to connect in the back of My Cloud Home and quickly import photos & videos.

OP has removed the hard drive from the enclosure and replaced it with a smaller hard drive … which is why the smaller hard drive needs to be formatted and partitioned to work.

From searching this forum and reading how to replace hard drives (and partition them) in WD My Clouds … it’s not that simple and not for beginners.

Firstly, WD My Clouds use EXT4 Format/Partitions which is Linux OS … My Cloud Homes would be no different.

There’s plenty of guides for WD My Clouds but not My Cloud Homes (see below)

Personally speaking … if you have haven’t formatted the original hard drive, i would put it back in the WD My Cloud Home enclosure and abandon the headache of attempting replacing it with a smaller hard drive.