How to reformat a new NAS HDD for my cloud

I’ve recently got My cloud home without the HDD from my cousins. So how do i format the HDD to work with mycloud?

I don’t think you can. Not sure about the Home, but I believe the OS and everything is on the drive, so if you have no drive, you have a useless enclosure.

If you power it up and connect it to the network, can you bring up the dashboard at all?

@DarkFade Have you asked your cousins why and how did they remove the HDD from the My Cloud Home? Had the drive quit working? Did they open the device to remove it?

They took it apart and took out their drive for their PC
How can I format the HDD I don’t mind a bit of programming

Did you read my first post?

I found this on another thread, don’t know if it works but what have you got to lose?