RED 3TB showing only 2TB (GPT) - strange behaviour

Hi everybody,

The disk is in a GPT Table. When I bought it I managed to partition this, but only 2TB of the drive. I put data and kept on a shelf. Now when I connect it to Win7/10/Linux it showing only 2TB and is marked as not allocated. I need to get into the data and have no idea how can I bring the drive up and running.

The problem is why all systems I used showed only 2TB, even wdc data lifeguard. What should I do so that to use the drive total capacity?

The drive is on warranty but before sending it I would need to backup the data at first.

Any ideas whould be very usefull.

Thank you in advance,

Hi tbrychcy,

It seems that your drive is 2TB and recommended to contact place of purchase to get replacement of your drive.


Thank you for your response.

Whay do think the drive is 2TB size only?
Is there any way (besides calling to WD) to make sure the drive has the proper size?