WD Green WD30EURX 3TB recognized as 2TB

Hi Community,

cause my warranty is already over for this drives I hope the members here can push me in the right direction of this cause.

I’ve two WD Green WD30EURX 3TB (exact the same type). Both was filled a half year ago with some backups. Since them they lay on my desk. Due to the fact I need some backups now I connected them and observed that one of them was just reconized as 2TB. Both were formated with GUID/GPT in NTFS in the past.

I connected the “faulty” disk to different systems and all of them just display me a size of 2TB. This means I’ve checked them in Windows 7 64 bit disk management, in Ubuntu with dmesg and in my UEFI (2000.4GB).

Hopefully somebody has an hint for me to get this issue on the ground.

Edit: Forgot to mention I’ve already used the search function as well as my favorite search engine (:slight_smile:


Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows

Good Morning,

had some tests with the WD DLG in the meantime done. The tool reconize the faulty one as 2TB too but the SMART values, the quick test, the extended test and the full erase finished all without any error.

I have done the extended test with the good same model disk in comparision and I observed a different sector range which will be tested.

The faulty one:

The good one:

Kind rgds