3 TB WD Green shows only 1,99TB (746GB lost) GPT Table


Hi everybody,

I have a WD Green 3tb in a docking station USB.
The disk is in a GPT Table.
My problem is that i can see only 2048GB and I don’t have any other partition (like unallocated space)
I lost 746gb!
In diskpart i have a disk of 2048gb.
I tried differets software like EaseUS, Minitool Partition, Gparted in linux, but every software see 2048gb.

How can I repair it?



dunno … maybe the USB docking station could be the problem ? ie. firmware locked at 2TB
(all my older docking stations only support max 2TB … my new one supports max 4TB)

if you can, connect the WD Green 3TB directly to your computer’s motherboard (via Sata cable and power)

to eliminate the docking station as a trouble shooting procedure.

seems pretty strange if the drive is GPT (GUID Partition Table) and is only allowing 2TB to be used :confused: