3 TB WD Green shows only 1,99TB (746GB lost) GPT Table

Hi everybody,

I have a WD Green 3tb in a docking station USB.
The disk is in a GPT Table.
My problem is that i can see only 2048GB and I don’t have any other partition (like unallocated space)
I lost 746gb!
In diskpart i have a disk of 2048gb.
I tried differets software like EaseUS, Minitool Partition, Gparted in linux, but every software see 2048gb.

How can I repair it?


dunno … maybe the USB docking station could be the problem ? ie. firmware locked at 2TB
(all my older docking stations only support max 2TB … my new one supports max 4TB)

if you can, connect the WD Green 3TB directly to your computer’s motherboard (via Sata cable and power)

to eliminate the docking station as a trouble shooting procedure.

seems pretty strange if the drive is GPT (GUID Partition Table) and is only allowing 2TB to be used :confused:

Hi, You try used format GPT in windows ?

HI, i have a problem but litle different.
I have a WD green 3.0TB but on my formated is XFS and show-mw only 2.75tb , looks like i lost 250GB.
some body can explain me this
Thank you

Have you ever tried to reformat the entire hard drive, or delete all partitions on the disk? And then recreate new partition? If you have done that, but still cannot get full capacity, you can wipe the external hard drive to check if the 3TB hard drive not showing full capacity issue can be fixed.