WD Green 3 tb

I just bought a 3 tb wd green, but it only shows 800gb, instead of the whole capacity. i have done a couple of ways to try to have the full 3tb but nothing at all right now. any help will be appreciated.

I’ve windows 8 64bits

Thanks a lot

Hi Billyscott, welcome to the WD Community. Try formatting the WD Green using the GPT partition scheme. Check the link below for more information.


Jubei04 thanks for your welcome and thanks for your kind reply. I’ve tried this method before but it did not work either. i always get a almost 800 gb out of 3tb. 

In that case the problem could be with your motherboard. Try accessing the motherboard BIOS and verify if the full capacity is recognized there. If only 800GB are recognized, I recommend you to check if any BIOS updates are available. 

jubei04, thanks a lot for your reply, i solved the problem, i would place the hard disk in a hd case, but that was the problem, the case it’s not appropriate for the hd. So i placed the hd on my desktop and everything went fine. Thanks again for your help.