3TB WD Green HDD, will not format to 3TB only 768GB

Hello all,

I have searched here and Google and still havent found anything that works for me.  I have tried formatting via Device Manager, a W7 OS disk, Gparted, PartedMagic, Acronis, and a couple others and nothing can format this drive into one 3TB section.  More over, nothing can even see it as more than a 800GB(ish) HDD.  Most Linux distros can tell it is a 3TB in the properties but it will not format correctly.

Have tried in 3 different PCs, Xp and W7 OSs, and every little trick I can think of.  Any kick iin the right direction would be fantastic.  The drive passes all tests and is a brand new drive.  Have two of them and they both do the same thing.

Scratch the previous question.  Using Gparted, then DISKPART w/ Clean on the W7 OS Disk, followed by formatting with Disk Management, I was able to format to a GPT NTFS full 2.7~ TB.