Wd 4 TB drive with rong capacity

yesterday i bought a 4TB drive 7200 rpm black serie. I installed it on my computer but after the installation it only showed a capacity of 1.8 TB instead of 4 TB. Mmmmm thats strange i installed as a GPT drive. Let see if WD support can help me. Okai I have to make an account to drop my question. So i did. Ooops I must register my product ohterwise i can’t send an email. Okay i Filled it al in correctliy but opps, it is problably an OEM registration so I can’t register the product and therefor I cant send a request for help. Thanks WD nice going, looks like the tax service in the netherlands, we can’t make it more fun.

My problem is that the internal disk doesn’t have the right capacity (1.8 TB instead of 4 TB). I am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit systeem. Does anyone has any solutions for this problem? I googled but I could’t find any solution.

Thanks in advance

Hi, sorry to hear you were not able to reach support, note that you can also contact them by phone. 


Have you verified if the remaining space is available as a second partition? You can see this from the Disk Management window. Also check if your motherboard support hard drives of this capacity. 

Same trouble here.  I have x5  WD25EZRS 2.5TB drives that only show up as 518GB, when I go to partion and format them.  Is there some special pre-software that I need to use somewhere?

I’ve tried formating them with Fedora, Mac OSX5.7, and Windows 8… always the same thing… always not the right sizes.


Hi borg357. The drives don’t need any specific software for them to work. Usually when a drive shows with that small of a capacity it has to do with the system BIOS not supporting the drives capacity and it shows up as a much smaller amount. Sometimes when that happens, it can ‘lock’ the drive to that capacity depends on the system it was connected to. One thing that you can try is to perform a “write zeros” on the disk using our Data Lifeguard software. This will erase everything from the drive and should hopefully fix the issue. I included a link below to the software.

DLG Diagnostics