Recovery Started


Morning All. I replaced a drive in my DX4000 and I am doing a factory reset recovery with formatting all drives. Basically wiping it clean and starting new. I formatted all drives before I started and the recovery is proceeding. It has been about 12 hours with the message in the LCD saying Recovery started. How long does this normally take for a setup with four 2 TB drives?



The client PC is still connected yes? It really only takes 4 hours at the most before it should reboot and do something different.

I would recommend doing a diskpart clean. That really wipes the drives. Format will leave the old raid cfg on them


For some reason while I was out of the room the client PC rebooted. I tried to start recovery over again and the software told me a recovery was in progress. I believe I will start over and yes I did remove all partitions on the drives before I started. You answered my question that in 4 hours something else should be going on with the DX4000. Thanks.


It may do other stuff for days even but actually dragging the wim files from the thumb to the box takes about 2.5 hours

I would still do diskpart clean or perhaps in diskmgmt.msc you can initialize the drive(s)

There should be a log file in the wd folder of the recreate thumb drive with valuable information. If you are using the same thumb for recreate and recover it will be gone