Recovery Started DX4000 now 48 hours and counting HELP!

I am doing a reset to factory defaults with two brand new 4tb hard drives (other two bays are empty).  For the past 48 hours the display reads “Recovery Started”.  My PC was showing the recoverty status as formatting, however the PC did and update and I lost visibility to monitor the recovery status from my PC, but again the DX4000’s display continues to read Recovery Started.

When doing a complete reset with 2 brand new 4tb hard drives is being in a Recovery Started status for more than 48 hours expected, if so, how much longer should I expect to see “Recovery Started” and what should I expect the display to read next?

Thanks in advance.

Well I don’t think the recovery can complete if it does not see the PC.  After it formats the drives it **bleep** the image down from the PC

5 days seems to be the max for either it works or throws an error.  The fastest it will do a recovery is less than 6 hours.  If the drives are formated and initialized before it starts.

The worst thing that can happen to this box is to loose power.  A UPS is highly recomended.

Your first step now should be to check the md5 hash of your download.  Make sure it is good as it is not uncommon to get a bad download and get stuck in the recovery.

So my thoughts are you need to disable windows updates on your PC and start over.  Of course you have to power off the DX to do this.  Or you could wait 3 more days and see what happens before doing anything.

Did you do the middle step, recreate storage?  I suppose you had to or it would (should) have said bad storage when it began the recovery.

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Yep I did do the middle step, recreate storage and had no issues.  Before losing visibility and about 18 hours into the recovery the PC was showing the format portion was  about ¾ complete, that was more than a day and a half ago.

Yeah I’m thinking I should start over.  At this state is it a low risk that I could damage the new drives if I power down? 

Just how long can I expect it to take to format the drives (2x4tb)and move to the next step? In fact how long should the whole process take?

Thank you

do me a favor if you still have the thumb drive you did the recreate look in a wd folder for a log file.

The end of the file has the good stuff.  I want to know if it setup a raid 1 or raid 5

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Is this it?  

RAID Volumes

Volume 01 / 01
SerialNo:Volume0 Summary:Initialize: 0.16% Complete
RaidLevel: 1 MemberDisks:02 Domains/Mirrors:02 TargetId:0x01
SizeInMB:3815445 BytesPerBlock:0x00000200 StripSize: 64KB
Action:00 Array:00 MapState:00 MigrState:01 MigrType:00 CfgStatus:0x00000000

Total Volumes = 1

RAID Arrays

Array 01 / 01
NumDisks:02 RAIDDevs:01 TotalMB:7630895 FreeMB:4
State:05 CheckBox:0x00000000

Total Arrays = 1

Yes, I think so :)  and I think it looks fine.  I suddenly confused myself when I re-read 4tb drives.  They don’t actually show as compatible drives in my box, but I do not have a 16tb box.  I was wondering if it was trying to do a raid 5 with juist 2 drives.

I do not see how any actual damage would be done to the drives powering down.  The only downside is it may lose whatever initializing/formating it has done.

When a box is “running” it can initialize a drive while it is up.  Things may just be slower.  But a recovery seems to want to wait until the drives are initialized.  Like I said a recovery can take anywhere for less than 6 hours to 5 days depending on how much itinitializing it wants to do.

Again, please make sure you have a good download of the ISO, get a UPS, and start the recovery again.

Let us know how it goes please and thank you.

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One other question, do I have the option of formatting the 4tb drives directly through my PC (windows 8 or 7), would that go any faster, could I use quick format?   If so which settings would I need to select to partition the drive and would I need to do anything else before inserting the drives into my DX4000 and selecting Recovery?  Thanks again for all the help.

No, you can’t do that

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After restarting the recovery process on Saturday 5/3 on Tuesday 5/6 my two 4 tb drives have been formatted and the recovery process has been completed ….So I thought 

After a couple of hours of the LCD display reading loading OS the DX4000 has booted up, but I’m getting a Capacity Low alert.  Now what?   When I look at “health” in the dashboard it shows drives in both bay 1 and bay 2, both are listed as Normal.  Still in the dashboard under Server Folders and Hard drives I only see a 60 GB C: drive, no D: drive. All my Server folders are under the C drive.     So what went wrong and how do I fix it?  thank

No worries mate.  From a PC remote to the server desktop


User Administrator

Pass Whatever you set

on the server


You should see one disk,  So you got 60gb at the front and a bunch after that.  Not sure how far it got.  But you may need to create a partion, give it letter D and format NTFS.

Then from the dashboard on the sevrer shares tab, right click one at a time and do the move folder wizard.

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Gramps, you have come through again thank you.  I followed your instructions. It looks like the only thing I needed to do was to assign the drive letter and move the folders. After more than a week everything is working.  I also added a 3rd 4 tb drive and that migrated without any issues.  Thanks again.