DX4000 Sentinel device recovery

I hv downloaded Panam iso file for my sentinel device dx4000. after extracting this to my computer, run setup.exe & then follow the step as advised for recovery but in server device only showing Loading recovery…not going further , pls help


You are experiencing this issue possibly due to a System Recovery was started while the DX4000’s RAID volume was initializing, the recovery process may take up to 6 days. This is often caused by an unsafe shutdown (for example pulling the power cable) which can trigger a RAID initialization on a new RAID volume.

I would suggest you to allow for the process to finish. RAID initialization is a one time process and any subsequent System Recoveries done on this volume should only take a few hours.

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Thanks Neha for ur reply.

I hv already leave that process for 15-20 hrs but same Loading recovery screen showing after that also. We do not want data from the device, we just needed storage server start working again as a fresh.

How we can confirm that whether my usb flash drive hv perfectly created or not? I hv also tried in 32 gb & 16 GB both usb drive but my server recovery not going further after loading recovery…

Pls suggest…Thanks

I would suggest everytime you make a try to use a freshly created USB (with the WD recovery software) because I have experienced many times that USB sticks can only be used once. As there were reports about incompatibility with USB3.0 sticks I would try to use an old USB2.0 one.

Thanks for ur kind suggestions. Yes, I hv tried it with freshly craeted usb by server recovery software after choosing recreate server option.

My sentinel device capacity is 16tb, so anybody hv any idea, how much time it will take to complete second recreate process, its already showing Loading Recovery since last 84 hrs ( more than 3 days) & still running & showing same on screen…

Pls advise should i wait some more days?

Indeed recovery especially with 4x4Tb RAID5 configuration could be super slow especially with the old WD drives, as it is already running since 3 days I would not give up before 5-6 days. But do you see any HD activity (e.g. led blinking at fast rate)?

No Hard drive light is blinking, only power led light is blinking & In screen showing “Initialing Ok Loading Recovery”
That’s it nothing else is happening.

we hv downloaded
PANAM_SvrRecovery_01_05_14_18.iso file for making recreate usb flash drive.

Is it correct file version or need to download some other one? pls reply

Is there way to confirm that the loading recovery process will be complete after leaving it to 3 more days.

then the NAS is just doing nothing. Latest version is, if you look somewhere in the forum you will find some download repository. For sure I would try with this last one

ok. so now i am starting recreate process from version , pls confirm which option we should start : First we should Recreate my storage or go directly 3rd : perform a recovery option ?
Pls reply


pls help to start the process again.

Well, I would first suggest to read the relevant sections in the DX4000 manual first (it is perhaps just one or two pages), also if you look elsewhere in this forum you will find very detailed instructions. But you should perform recovery if you do not want to loose all your data.

late to the party
I found it will fail after 7 days
you need to slave the drives in a pc and do diskpart>clean on each drive then do the recreate, then recovery

Thanks Gramps… I hv already tried diskpart ->clean process before proceeding to recovery but still not succeed.