Recovery doesn't get past "Loading Recovery"

I am trying to reset the DX4000 to it’s original factory settings. I created the USB and followed the instructions in the Admin Guide–

I held the RESET button until the LCD displayed “Initializing Okay Loading Recovery” This has not changed for 24 hours. 

Before that I had followed the wizard holding the reset button until the LCD displayed Recovery Started (I held it for an hour)

Can’t access the device via IP (which is STATIC) or NAME (displayed on LCD after a normal bootup)

What am I missing? Which instructions are correct? The users guide or the Wizard and how long does this process actually take. 

Did you download the 6.x gb thing and are running it from a pc on the lan?

You must have if you created a boot thumb.

What doe the local PC say in the wizard?

The local PC wizard  says to hold the reset button until the LCD displays Recovery Started, I did this and held the button for over an hour and the status Loading Recovery, never changes…

You need an 8gb flash drive.  I would recreate it

Insert in the back, hold in the magic button and power on.  You should only need to hold the button for 30 seconds

after a couple of minutes it should say recovery initializing, and then fairly quickly recovery started.  Then you can click next on your Desktop