Recovering data from drives of a failed My Cloud Mirror / My Cloud

Looking to purchase a My Cloud Mirror (x2 drives in mirror) to safe guard against data loss due to drive failure.

My question is, if the electronics in the My Cloud fails (i.e. the main board), but the drives are working perfectly fine, can you remove a drive from the My Cloud Mirror and connect to a PC to see the data? Will the drive appear in a Windows PC as a normal drive would?
If not, what would be the process to recover data without having the My Cloud Mirror hardware?

My question also extends to the My Cloud EX4 in a 4 disk RAID5 configuration. Obviously with RAID5 you would not be able to remove a single member drive from the RAID5 and read the data on a PC, but in a situation where the My Cloud EX4 failed, how would one go about recovering the data from the perfectly good operational drives (assuming several years have passed and WD no longer make the unit)?

No. The file system of the WD My Cloud (Mirror) is EXT4, which is not supported by Windows. You can install applications that enable file access, but it’s not a feature of the OS itself. Linux can have native access to the volume though.

On the other hand, the configuration of the RAID volume needs to be considered. RAID 0 (Stripe) is non-recoverable, and will require assistance from a professional data recovery service company in case of a disk, volume, or controller problem. RAID 1 (Mirror) on the other hand offers fault tolerance in case of an individual hard drive failure, but the whole volume is still susceptible to data corruption.

Replacing the in-warranty enclosure will allow you to migrate the RAID 5 volume as long as it is not corrupted. If the enclosure is compromised and the volume is not RAID 1, professional assistance will be required.