Migrating HDDs from MyCloud Mirror RAID 1

Dear all,

I am looking for a NAS and this time I am exploring RAID options for redundancy.

RAID 1 makes identical copies in both drives, therefore:

  1. Can I take a drive out and plug it straight into a computer to use?
  2. If in the future I choose to migrate the HDDs from the My Cloud Mirror to another NAS/RAID controller; Is this possible and how can this be done? On the same topic, can I take the HDDs out and put them into another My Cloud Mirror?

Many thanks.


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  1. Yes and no. The file system will not be normally detected unless you use a Linux system or specialized file system applications, and direct connections may degrade/corrupt the array when the disk is re-inserted into the array. As such it’s not a recommended procedure.

  2. The WD My Cloud Mirror does not feature data migration at this moment. The data would need to be copied elsewhere, the drives replaced, and the RAID rebuilt before copying the data back.


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