Using the My Cloud Mirror as a temporary caddy

I have an old WD 1tb drive that has a load of files on. I only have a laptop and the My Cloud Mirror with me and have no way to access the files on this drive without buying an external Caddy.
Is there a way I could plug this drive into the My Cloud Mirror an get the files off it? I don’t want to risk plugging in the drive and it getting immediately formatted.
Could I turn off Mirrored raid and plug it in where the mirrored disk is currently sat?


The drive won’t be recognized without being configured by the mirror.

It won’t be automatically erased, but you won’t be able to access the data either.

As a recommendation, take the data out of the drive and then install the drive on the unit.

Easy way: Use console to access to disk
Something like that (Correct paths to right folders before run):

mkdir /mnt/HD_a2/hdd2 mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt/HD_a2/hdd2
and copy (cp /source /dest) what you need to 1nd drive or access to your files via samba.