Reboot hides Plex app!

It’s been a long time but I finally decided to trust own CLOUD!! So, I bought an EX2 Ultra!!

Things haven’t changed since 8+ years ago!! Still slow, lousy OS, cheap hardware and oh look at the ocean of Apps designed for WD!!

Alright, enough complaining! I am just happy I bought my own HDDs from Seagate and not paying more to WD - or else I would be really disappointed!

Back to main subject, I installed the one and only useful App (for my case) PLEX, configure and all. But every time I reboot my NAS, it hides it as if it was never installed.

YES, somehow PLEX and WD decided to make under the table deal and no longer support transcoding - although it used to work!!

Any case, I can still see all my contents and everything via PLEX interface but EX2 thinks it’s not installed.

I also updated to latest version (PLEX) but still same issue.

FWIW, WD takes forever to allow latest PLEX - just like good old days!!

Took me a week to figure out what the heck WD junior developers have done!!

My drives are encrypted but I disabled “Auto Mount”! So, when I restart my NAS, I must manually type the password to mount my drives - then both HDDs will become accessible.

That explains why NAS sees only its own default 8 Apps installed but not PLEX or any other app installed by user!!


My next question to self: why did you not buy a REAL NAS?!!