Plex Alike

Why a big company such as WD is so cheap. Why can’t the create their app like Plex so we can view decent poster size when viewing our files? Better interface? The software is always buffering but with Plex, that problem stops.

Perhaps you shouldn’t insult people without cause? Not a good way to win friends and influence people. WD does support Plex.

Personally I don’t like Plex. It does not let me turn off transcoding. If you are having buffering problems with the built in DLNA client it could be a problem with your network or viewing clients. It works perfectly for me serving un-transcoded files with huge video bit rates.

Not trying to insult, not the intention. I just feel that in 2016 we could have gotten something way better.

You called them “cheap”. Not only that but the basis for your insult (no Plex support) was incorrect. If you want something better do your research before you buy. There are plenty of NAS devices out there to choose from.