Looking for alternatives to the WD TV Live

I like my WD TV Live, but have the need for 2 more boxes in my home.
I am unable to locate a new WD TV Live anywhere. Every location shows out of stock, and unable to purchase online unless you want to pay over 200 for it.

I am looking for an alternative to do exactly what the WD TV Live does.
Ability to play directly from NAS shares practically any file I throw at it. This is Key.
(I use a WD My Cloud EX2 as the NAS, but it really isn’t robust enough to transcode for plex.) so plex able device is not the answer.
Bonus if what ever alternative can play netflix and amazon video.
All in the sub $100 price range.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

If WD still had this product actually available to purchase I would not be looking elsewhere.

Your only option is to find a used WDTV on eBay or elsewhere. if you want a clone of the WDTV. WD apparently quit making them for now. I would find one carefully taken care of ((if sold with all parts, that is a good sign it was).

I’d rather not continue with the product line if WD is dropping it like they have.
Disappointing none the least.

Starting to look into some android TV boxes. Looks like the feature set I am looking for is existing there.

Thanks for the response though. It is appreciated.

I don’t know what happened to WD and their boxes, I bought several and gave some to friends. All of mine with the exception of the very first generation, will not work consistently. I have a theory, some of the WDTV Live boxes I have (these are the ones with services like VUDU built in) will allow you to record a VUDU movie which is a big no no in the movie world. I think this was done accidentally and when WD found this out, they bricked their own product. The only WD box I have that works is the very first model (does not have an internet connection or services). I also have a second generation of that same box with a cat 5 connection, it still works but I won’t be doing any firmware upgrades. All of the other boxes, the ones with services and wireless capabilities, will not consistently function (lock up, won’t respond to remote etc.) and I have done every thing mentioned on this site. Try looking at a KD LINKS HD-720 box.