My dissapointment

I  love wd products.  I brought the 1.36 terrabye external hard drive  (My book) and I already use it to stream files back and forth using tivo plus, but tivo plus you have to wait 2 or more hours for a movie to go back and forth, I use the psp station for netflix with a blue ray player. Great streaming hdmi to HD,  I can not believe you don’t support Divx. I noticed you have a portable disk network drive that compatible with their sevice.  I was hoping with the new DNLS you would have these media player so you can put a cable card in them.  People want everything in one.  You should add blueray, add for cable cards so that very nice looking box would be all I would have to see.  goodbye to a blueray player, good bye to comcast cable boxes goodbye to cables in general,  and If you could also teamup withTivo that would be a great product.  I only say these things because you can do it.

Its nice you love WD products I do as well. I gather you got the 1.5gig  My Book external drive.

this forum you posted in is for the wd tv live smp.

Guess what Divx is supported. avi mkv mpg mp4 and much more

cable card compatibility? yeah right you think cable is gonna give up their right to charge you for the use of their boxes. dream on.

i have a huge collection of movies and tv shows and music and  have used wdtv(gen1) for 3+ years b4 I reciently obtained the wd tv live smp. And i love the Live smp. I have a large task ahead of getting all the meta data for my media collection.

The WDTV Live is manufactured to a competitive retail selling price.

Licensing fees will probably double the cost of the WDTV box.

Add every feature available will probably increase the retail price to $500.

Are you prepared to pay $500 for a Tivo style WDTV box?