RE4 WD2003FYYS Firmware Utility


Does anyone have a copy of the either a Windows or DOS firmware update utility for WD RE4 2TB drives?

I have about 12 ex Netapp drives circa 2012 (WD2003FYYS-05T9B0) that were harvested new and have been in storage for some years. I’m currently building the project they were intended for and find that they don’t all have the same firmware.

So I need the executable to save off the more common firmware and use it to update the odd ones out.

I’m doing this because in the last 30 years I’ve never ever built hardware RAID arrays (Adaptec) without all matching drives down to the firmware. I’m asking for trouble otherwise.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi @AaronB,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi @Keerti_01 , yes I have a case. They have been unhelpful since it was opened on January 25th. Totally useless to be honest and is beyond frustrating.

Details are Incident: 230122-001198

I just need the executable to perform the task. They insist on thinking I’m asking for firmware but I am not. I really don’t think they understand what I’m writing.

I just want all my drives to match as is good practice when building hardware RAID arrays.


I’ve found a command line utility from HDDGuru called wd_download_1_7_0.
It appears to be able to upload firmware to the drives, but doesn’t appear to be able to save off existing firmware.

Anymore know if this utility can, or suggest another that can do this?