Is there a Firmware update for WD Red 3TB


First post here.

I will be receiving two WD Red 3TB (WD30EFRX) hard drives tomorrow to fit into my NAS and was just wondering if I will need to update the firmware first?


I cant seem to find a firmware update on WD website so I will presume there isnt one.

Hello JaseUK,

You are correct, there are currently no firmware updates available for the drive. If there were any, they would be posted on the Support > Downloads site.

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Excellent. One less job for me to do. :smiley:

I have several drives with 80.00A80 firmware and six with 82.00A82 firmware. As far as I know there is still no firmware update for WD30EFRX. The different firmwares are working differently on same APM settings so it’s not easy to configure a system including all my drives.
My question is. Is there an update which I could use to bring all the drives to the same firmware level?

i have APM issues too (80.00A80 ) and would love an updated firmware for my BLUE drives.

Hi Karmantyu,

For the power issue there isn’t a firmware update per se but there is a utility that will adjust the APM setting. By default your drive is most likely set for an 8 second load/unload time. This utility will change it to 5 minutes. The download can be found on the WD Red download page, which I provided a link to below. It is called “WD Red SMART load/Unload utility 3.5” Drive"


Hi there,
Thank You for the fast answer. I’ve set them with wdidle3 /s300 already.
Should I do this with the linked tool again or it’s the same?

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Hello again Karmantyu,

Sorry for the delay. I was out of the office.
The WDIDLE is more of a generic utility but it should provide the same type of modification to the drive. I would try using the one that is specific to the WD Red and see if that helps.
What type of problem are you specifically seeing with the drives? If the utility was already used on the drive and you are still seeing a load/unload/power type problem it may be something else.


The utility (WD Red SMART load/Unload utility 3.5" Drive- wd5741.exe You linked is a firmware
updater wich says for bios v80 and v82 both that they are not needed to be
updated, so that is not what I was looking for.

I have 10 WD RED in my server - 4 of them has v80 - 6 of them v82 BIOSes.

My problem is that the drives are not behaving the same (APM wise) with the
same WDidle3 settings and it can cause sync problems when different bios
drives are sitting on the same SAS lane. Therefore, I had to separate the
drives to different SAS ports and it seems to working stable now (FreeBSD).

If all the drives are WD RED 3 with the same type-name they should be
firmware compatible so there should be an updater to bring them to the same
firmware level. If they are physically different drives with the same model
name then I do not have to say anything. Thank you for trying to help